Get the Latest Version of the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit

Version was released yesterday with a new SUPER helpful parameter, HttpTimeOut, on for Connect-PfaController cmdlet. I mistakenly introducing a very minor but inconvenient bug in 2.7 where some debug parameters made it into a single cmdlet that set the TimeOutSec for Invoke-RestMethod to 900ms (doh!).

So while removing some of the debug logic I decided to implement the HttpTimeOut parameter which is scoped globally for connections after being set in the Connect-PfaController cmdlet.

Here is a simple example of how to use it:

$FA = Get-PfaApiToken -FlashArray $FlashArray -Credential (Get-Credential) | Connect-PfaController -HttpTimeOut 10000

In the above example the HttpTimeOut is being set to 10,000ms. Also notice that I am using pipelining from Get-PfaApiToken –> Connect-PfaController to wrap all the connectivity to the FlashArray into one line of script.

Download the latest version of the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit (v2.8.0.430).


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