Swordfish™ + PowerShell + Open Source = Goodness

At the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit there was a lot of great content on creating PowerShell solutions, using cross-platform, new announcements from Microsoft and more. The title of this blog has so many different topics to unpack and I don’t want to make it a novel. Lots of references will be mentioned and I encourage you to review them for all the details.

This is a blog about Swordfish™ and SNIA so “why would you care about PowerShell and management standards?” Simply put, the future of managing storage and servers.

PowerShell has become one of the predominant tools for scripters, developers, DevOps and for many people’s careers. The basic philosophy is anything that you do 2x or more should be automated! The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 16 trillion cmdlets executed
  • 2.5 billion starts of PowerShell 7
  • 400 million unique instances of PowerShell with 64% on Linux
  • 3 billion downloads from the PowerShell Gallery.

What does this mean for Swordfish? Being the new standard for storage management, companies need to understand the capabilities and the importance behind adoption. At the summit Chris Lionetti talked about the PowerShell Toolkit he developed to jumpstart companies to learn both client and server services for Swordfish.

Here is a photo of Chris ready to go deep on the PowerShell Toolkit and Swordfish. In the photo you’ll notice there are two standards being shown Redfish® and SNIA Swordfish. Swordfish is an extension of Redfish so both are important to understand. Check out these links to learn more about Redfish and Swordfish.

With new standards comes new learning opportunities and how to best leverage the protocols. Everyone works with servers and some type of storage so understanding each even at a basic level is extremely helpful.

Have fun fishing!

Cheers — Barkz

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