Sneak Peek: Pure Storage PowerShell SDK 2.2

The PowerShell SDK was released in 2015 and has been downloaded over 14,000 times. It is the most comprehensive automation SDK that we have delivered to manage the FlashArray. The current SDK supports REST API 1.x versions from 1.0 – 1.17. With the release of Purity 5.3 we introduced the REST API 2.x version which is a new implementation of our REST API and we have been hard at work developing support for this new version Last week we announced Purity 6.0 and the SDK will fully support the new release Purity. 

This blog post is just a teaser for some of the core features in the new PowerShell SDK 2.2. There will be lots of technical details once we release the SDK….which is coming soon. 

Some key highlights:

Multi-platform Support
Now we provide the ability to run multi-platform; macOS, Linux, Windows and Windows Server.



Windows 10 & Windows Server

No more plurals!
This reduced our SDK 1.x cmdlet from 441 → 199. An example of this new implementation showing the use of Get-Pfa2Volume.

Retrieve all of the volume details.

Retrieve a specific volume.

Pipeline Support
Need I say more….

Get-Pfa2Volume -Array $FA -Destroyed $False | Where-Object { $_.Name -like ‘testvol’ } | Update-Pfa2Volume -Array $FA -Destroyed $True

Support for OAuth2
New authentication model based on OAuth2 Token Exchange IETF. This new model uses public/private key pairs which reduces the risk of static API key dissemination. With this the use of dynamic vs static tokens reduces the risk of token compromise. All configuration is handled using API clients that represent specific applications. 

Like I said this is just a teaser and we will have more blogs, video demos and sample scripts coming soon! Get ready for the next generation of the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK 2.x. 

Cheers — Barkz

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