Pure Storage PowerShell SDK 1.17 is Out!

REST API 1.17 support has been added to the PowerShell SDK. The new SDK supports FlashArray REST API 1.0 — 1.17. For full documentation on the REST API use the FlashArray GUI from the Help menu of the left-hand side. All the new cmdlets have Get-Help support (eg. Get-Help -Name New-PfaArray).

The official release version is This new version has been published to the PowerShell Gallery for easy installation. Use the below to install the new version.

Install-Module PureStoragePowerShellSDK

If you would prefer to install using the Microsoft Installation Package (MSI) head over to GitHub and see the new release https://github.com/PureStorage-Connect/PowerShellSDK/releases/tag/v1.17.3 and download from the repository.

Examples coming soon! For me I wanted to get this published sooner than later.

Release 1.17.0 adds the following changes to Release 1.16.0.

Maintenance Window

  • New-PfaMaintenanceWindow
  • Get-PfaMaintenanceWindow
  • Remove-PfaMaintenanceWindow


  • CaCertificate added to New-PfaKMIP cmdlet

Azure Offload

  • Connect-PfaOffloadAzureTarget
  • Get-PfaOffloadAzureTarget
  • Get-PfaAllOffloadAzureTarget
  • Disconnect-PfaOffloadAzureTarget


  • Get-PfaArrayEula
  • Set-PfaArrayEulaAccept
  • Network Interface Metrics
  • Get-PfaNetworkInterfaceMetrics
  • Get-PfaNetworkInterfaceMetricsError
  • Get-PfaAllNetworkInterfaceMetrics
  • Get-PfaAllNetworkInterfaceMetricsError
  • Get-PfaAllNetworkInterfaceMetricsErrorTotal
  • Get-PfaAllNetworkInterfaceMetricsTotal

Pod Metrics

  • Get-PfaAllPodSpaceMetricsTotal

Protection Groups

  • Get-PfaAllProtectionGroupReplicationBandwidth
  • Get-PfaAllProtectionGroupReplicationBandwidthByTimeRange
  • Get-PfaProtectionGroupReplicationBandwidth
  • Get-PfaProtectionGroupReplicationBandwidthByTimeRange

Volume Host Encryption

  • Get-PfaVolumeHostEncryptionKeyStatus
  • Get-PfaAllVolumeHostEncryptionKeyStatus

Volume Space Metrics

  • Get-PfaAllVolumeSpaceMetricsTotal
  • Get-PfaAllVolumeTotal

Volume Group Bandwidth

  • Set-PfaVolumeGroupBandwidthLimit

Volume and Volume Group IOPS Limit

  • Set-PfaVolumeGroupIOPSLimit
  • Set-PfaVolumeIOPSLimit

VNC Support for Software App

  • Disable-PfaSoftwareVNC
  • Enable-PfaSoftwareVNC

SoftwareApp Nodes

  • Get-PfaAllSoftwareNode
  • Get-PfaSoftwareNode

If you have any feedback about SDK 1.17 please join the Pure Storage Code Slack Team (https://codeinvite.purestorage.com) and let us know using the #pfa-powershell channel. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Now to move onto SDK 2.2 with support for the new REST API 2.x. Hmmmm….do I smell Linux support for the future?????

Automate Away!

BarkzTechnical Director
Pure Storage, Inc.

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