Oh wait but there’s more for Pure//Accelerate — THE PANELS!

Breakout sessions are the meat and potatoes of Pure//Accelerate but the next best side is the panel discussions. They’re like the gravy on the potatoes.

I am involved in two panel sessions with some of the best Puritans I get to work with everyday; Cody Hosterman, Calvin Nieh, Anthony Ferrario, Jean-Luc Degrenand, Bikash Roy, Simon Dodsley and Raphael Londner. We will be talking about DevOps, Containers and digging into top best practices and trends.

Meet the Pure Storage DevOps & Container Influencers
My favorite saying is “Do it more than 2x script it!” That comes from my years of doing Windows PowerShell and the same applies to any other language you may work with and love. We will be talking about Automation, DevOps tools & using with FlashArray and FlashBlade and last but not least Containers.

This will be an open forum so it’s all about the attendees asking questions but Raphael will kick things off as our master of ceremonies.

Best Practices for FlashArray: Panel with Pure’s Expert Solution Architect Team
Understanding the details of deploying any application, virtualization infrastructure or cloud solution are top of mind for anyone managing one (or all) of these layers. Let’s face it IT roles have collapsed with more and more responsibilities to falling into single individuals or smaller teams.

Come here from leaders in our Solutions Engineering team to get the details and thoughts around trends and some top best practices. We are here to set the stage but most importantly answer your questions and learn what your challenges are and how we can create new solutions that help solve those issues.

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