One Pure Storage PowerShell Module to Rule Them All.

We have developed PowerShell Modules to support management and automation for the FlashArray, VMware, Windows Server, Exchange, Pure1 and soon FlashBlade. As we continue our investments adding more PowerShell modules we are taking a step back and asking “Are there too many?”

Today we have the following:

  • The new Pure1 PowerShell Module (see Cody’s blog).
  • Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit, specific cmdlets that augment the SDK cmdlets or provide reporting and best practices checking.
  • Under development is the PowerShell FlashBlade Toolkit.
  • Pure Storage VMware PowerShell Module (see Cody’s blog)

We are internally discussing combining these different modules into a comprehensive Toolkit. We are looking for feedback on whether you agree with us about the approach. One of our big focuses at Pure Storage is “Simplicity” and we feel that having to Import/Install all these different modules is cumbersome.

I’m sure you noticed that I did not list the PowerShell SDK above. The SDK is our binary module and is 100% focused on the FlashArray management/automation. We would not be adding non-specific FlashArray APIs to the SDK. Eventually there could be a possibility the above items listed could be combined into a larger SDK, but that is some time out in the future (if ever).

We are open to feedback here as we are still discussing internally. Please post feedback into the #PowerShell slack channel. If you are not a member of our code slack team please invite yourself using

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Thanks //barkz

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