Ignite, Ignite, Ignite

Microsoft Ignite is always a great show because I finally get a chance to nerd out with like minded people. This year I am even more excited because of the further investments we have made with integrating with Microsoft and SNIA. Pure Storage has always been on the forefront of working with SQL Server as a main workload but this year we have many more applications and management tools that we have integrated. 2016 is really a showcase for our work with customers on Exchange Server, SQL Server, System Center VMM/Orchestrator, Hyper-V and PowerShell. Not only have we been focused on integrating more tightly with Microsoft but 3rd party integrations with SolarWinds, SevOne, Commvault, Catalogic, Cisco and SNIA (SMI-S) have been major focuses.

There are a couple of skunk works projects I am developing that provide a management experience for the FlashArray from within the PowerShell ISE and also some cool C# projects. Would love to chat about those with anyone interested in those areas.

Sessions I plan (hope) to attend:

  • DevOps Hackathon – Who doesn’t like a hackathon? DevOps means so many different things to different people in an organization. For me its all about Continuous Integration. Any hackathon is hands on and fun.
  • BranchCache – I’m interested in BranchCache on the SMB side. I have a project I am working on as a Private Cloud for Microsoft on FlashArray and SMB is one of the components.
  • Azure Container Service – The latest buzz. I’ve been working with Docker for Windows and containers is the next virtualization wave of the future.
  • Application Insights – This is an interesting session because we have a lot of customers that benefit from flash immediately but understanding performance, issues, etc. from those applications where they could eek out some more performance or general understanding.
  • *Anything* Russinovich – Duh, it’s Mark.
  • Innovate with Equinix – We have worked closely with EQX on our Open Connect for Microsoft Azure solution and always good to support.
  • Azure Stack Architecture – Although I’m disappointed in delays. lack of v1.0 support for SAN vendors, this is still interesting.

SNIA Swordfish

To those in the systems management space this is a pretty cool announcement. Pure Storage (myself) has been involved in the TWG and the use of Swordfish/Redfish for Scalable Storage Management (SSM) is a great evolution to SMI-S. There is an event on Tuesday, 9/27, that SNIA is holding for anyone interested in understanding more and talking with other TWG members. If SMI-S is part of your management stack I highly suggest you attend. Stop by our booth to get details. I’ll be attending the event and more than happy to grab a taxi with others (on me!).

And of course, stop by the booth to chat about PowerShell and our new SDK 1.7 coming out next week. I can also talk about our overall Microsoft strategy for application integration with SQL Server, System Center, SMI-S and more.

Looking forward to meeting up with current customers and chatting with people interested in understanding how Flash in the Data Center truly makes a difference with Pure Storage.

Safe travels to all.


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