“Pure Reduce” — Winner of the ASCII Art Competition

We held an ASCII art competition during the month of July and today we are announcing the winner. Congratulations, Andrew Reeves of Tecolote Research, Inc.!

Andrew’s submission of “Pure Reduce” was selected unanimously from the Customer Solutions Group panel of judges. The winning prize is a printed framed copy of the submission signed by John “Coz” Colgrove and John Hayes, Pure Storage Founders.


In Andrew’s own words:

I’m an IT guy living in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. I work for a government contractor that is well-known in the circles we hang with, and I spend my days in the trenches with a small team of like-minded professionals designing, implementing, securing and otherwise keeping our humble network afloat. When I’m not filling the role of mild-mannered sysadmin, I’m probably spending time with my lovely family and friends, playing hockey, or working on side projects that range from installing electrical things around the house to standing up various virtual environments (you know… for kicks).

Here are some of the other submissions that also ranked high amongst the judges.

#1 Pure1_Manage Pure_Owls

Although there could only be one winner we want to thank each and every participant who took the time to share their ASCII art with us.


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