Announcing the New Pure Storage PowerShell SDK

We started supporting automation and management of the Pure Storage FlashArray with Windows PowerShell almost a year ago with the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit.  The toolkit was introduced as an open source project through GitHub to learn how our customers and partners would use PowerShell in their management and automation processes.

The toolkit’s initial release had only 7 cmdlets that provided the basics to connect, create volumes and take snapshots. Over time the toolkit grew to support more than a 150 cmdlets that provided scripting for all operational tasks on the FlashArray. The adoption of the toolkit was a great indicator for us to take the next evolutional step and create a Cmdlet CommandType vs the Toolkit’s approach of the Function CommandType.

This new release of PowerShell support provides 216 cmdlets that map to all of our implemented REST APIs.


There have been major improvements made in the following areas:

  • Automatic code generation of the SDK to enable better agility when updating the underlying REST API
  • FlashArray connectivity supports SSL Certificate ignore, either Username/Password or PSCredential and better HttpTimeOut support
  • Support for –WhatIf so scripters can see the exact REST API calls that will be made to the FlashArray
  • Enhanced support for management of FlashRecover Protection Groups
  • Many metrics monitoring enhancements for Volumes, Host Groups, Hosts, Snapshots, Protection Groups and overall FlashArray information

The example below shows monitoring Volume IO metrics and importing into Microsoft Excel.


A Quick Start Guide for the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK has been created to assist with new and current users of our Windows PowerShell integration. I’ll be ramping up blogging activity to show more examples and I will also be updating the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit to support the new SDK with new cmdlets that assist with best practice checking for Microsoft & VMware, working with Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and more.

For all those current PowerShell Toolkit users out there it is important to explain that the Toolkit leverages the SDK. Starting with the Toolkit 3.0 it will require the installation of the SDK. This is all explained in the Quick Start Guide. All of the Programming Interfaces content for integrating with the Pure Storage FlashArray’s can be found on the Pure1 Community.


barkz (@purepowershell)

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