Developing the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit vNext

The history of the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit started with some simple work in Windows PowerShell ISE with 5 basic cmdlets (Get-PfaApiToken, Connect-PfaController, New-PfaVolume, New-PfaSnapshot, Connect-PfaHost). Over the course of 8 months I created over a 155 cmdlets with varying levels of complexity and with that complexity comes the needs for managing debugging, creating an installer and overall unit testing.

Windows PowerShell ISE is always the default tool because it comes with Windows and Windows Server, it supports all of the basic script editing and testing features and there if you want to give ISE a shot in the arm there is ISE Steroids. I used SAPIEN tools to develop all version of 2.x and it really did provide a nice set of utilities. But we all gravitate to tools that we love and that tool for me has been Visual Studio. I have been a user since Visual Studio 97. After attending Microsoft Ignite this past week I got so much more excited that usual after talking with Jeffery Snover, Ed Wilson (Scripting Guy),  Teresa Wilson (Scripting Wife) and a few other people. Also seeing that Microsoft forked the poshtools project from Adam Driscoll just made me finally say “back to Visual Studio!

Poshtools has been working great and I’ve made the decision that all my future development for vNext (3.0) of the Pure Storage Toolkit will happen with poshtools and I am going to work on contributing when I have the time. The proof is in the screenshot; script module, manifest and InstallShield installer project.

Lots more to come for Pure Storage’s innovations around our PowerShell support.

Just back in the office today and just had to share,

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