Pure/Hack(1) Kicks-Off!

Today we launched the Pure Storage Hackathon! We ran a hackathon at Pure//Accelerate 2017 and we got a few participants so this year we went a bit bigger to allow more customers, partners and attendees to Pure//Accelerate 2018 to participate. We launched the event ~2 months ahead of the event so we can announce the winners during our DevOps days track.

Here is what you need to know to get started.  


  • Idea Collection: 4/10/18 – 4/20/18
  • Development: 4/21/18 – 5/21/18
  • End: 5/21/18 — This is when we will be judging.


  • Developers or tech enthusiasts at Pure Storage customers and partners or those who “secretly” desire to be part of the Pure Storage community.


  • Bring your disruptive idea and passion for coding. We’ll provide the online hackathon development environment with access to Purity 5.0 REST APIs or use our PowerShell SDK or Python Toolkit. Each individual or team will have access to a hosted environment with development tools (eg Visual Studio Code) and SDKs pre-installed. Along with access to our PowerShell SDK you can leverage our PureStorage.REST DLL to build C# applications. For an example of using C# see the PowerShell ISE Add-on.



  • Cool prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners selected by our judges.  

Let the ideas flow! 


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