Overwriting a Volume in Windows Server

I have been asked the question about how do you overwrite a volume using the PowerShell SDK that is connected from a Windows Server a few times so here is how its done!

In this example I have a Windows Server 2016 system that has several volumes connected using Fibre Channel, the same steps apply if you are using iSCSI. The volume that I will be working with is PSRepository. This is an PowerShell Gallery folder that contains .ps1 file.

The steps to perform an overwrite:

(1) Connect to the FlashArray

PS C:\> $FlashArray = New-PfaArray -EndPoint -Credentials (Get-Credential) -IgnoreCertificateError

cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:

(2) Check the connection to the FlashArray. Optional step, just illustrating here that we have a connection to the FlashArray.

PS C:\> $FlashArray

Disposed : False
EndPoint :
UserName : pureuser
ApiVersion : 1.7
Role : ArrayAdmin
ApiToken : 58db6abf-1933-553f-1628-0c6e207aba1e

(3) Retrieve the volume. Optional step as I just want to illustrate the volume exists on the FlashArray.

PS C:\> Get-PfaVolumes -Array $FlashArray | Where-Object { $_.name -like '*PS*' } | Format-Table -AutoSize

source serial                   created              name         size
------ ------                   -------              ----         ----
       45084F3508BF4614000111A7 2016-11-02T16:21:05Z PSRepository 268435456000

(4) Create a snapshot of the PSRepository volume. For this example I use the Suffix and set to Overwrite. This is the snapshot we will restore (overwrite) in a few steps.

PS C:\> New-PfaVolumeSnapshots -Array $FlashArray -Sources PSRepository -Suffix Overwrite

source : PSRepository
serial : 45084F3508BF461400011AC1
created : 2017-05-12T16:51:46Z
name : PSRepository.Overwrite
size : 268435456000

To prove the overwrite operation takes place I have made copies of the Untitled.ps1 files into the same folder.

(5) Offline the Windows Server volume.

$Volume = Get-PfaVolume -Array $f -Name 'PSRepository'
Get-Disk -SerialNumber $Volume.serial | Set-Disk -IsOffline $true

(6) Perform the overwrite operation with the snapshot we named PSRepository.Overwrite

PS C:\> New-PfaVolume -Array $FlashArray -Source PSRepository.OverWrite -VolumeName PSRepository -Overwrite

source : PSRepository
serial : 45084F3508BF4614000111A7
created : 2017-05-12T16:51:46Z
name : PSRepository
size : 268435456000

(7) Online the Windows Server volume.

$Volume = Get-PfaVolume -Array $f -Name 'PSRepository'
Get-Disk -SerialNumber $Volume.serial | Set-Disk -IsOffline $false

From the screenshot below you can see the the original snapshot has overwritten the volume where we had made copies of the .ps1 files.

Go forth and automate!


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