Getting Started with the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK

A picture (or video in this case) is worth a thousand words. In this video I walk through the following:

  • Installing the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK
  • Installing of the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit (Alpha)
  • Creating a FlashRecover Snapshot of a active Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database performing I/O
  • Creating a new Pure Storage volume from the previously created snapshot
  • Mounting the new volume to a physical host
  • Registering the new volume on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Attaching the SQL Server database in Management Studio for use


  • Hi, do you have any experience with VMware vCenter Orchestrator?

    • Hi Mike –

      Keep an eye on Cody Hosterman’s blog, Cody and I are on the same team. He is our VMware subject matter expert. I believe he has something brewing on the topic of vCenter Orchestrator.


    • vRO is something I am looking into looking in the coming weeks. Should be able to leverage the REST API plugin in vRO to manage our array. I plan on blogging on this when i get to it in the coming weeks.