Checking for Active Remote Assist Session

Pure Storage support uses Remote Assist to help customers upgrade and troubleshoot should an issue arise. There have been a few requests from our System Engineers about identifying if an active Remote Assist session exists. This script can be used by customers, partners and the Pure Storage field to check.

$FlashArrayIP = Read-Host "FlashArray DNS/IP"
$FlashArray = New-PfaArray -EndPoint $FlashArrayIP -Credentials (Get-Credential) -IgnoreCertificateError

While ($true) {
    If ((Get-PfaRemoteAssistSession -Array $FlashArray).Status -eq 'disabled') {
        Set-PfaRemoteAssistStatus -Array $FlashArray -Action connect
    } else {
        Write-Warning "Remote assist session not active."
        Start-Sleep 30

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