New Pure/Code() Slack Team

Along with the upcoming hackathon we have introduced a new #slack team, This new slack team is offered as a way to collaborate with others and directly with the team that influences @PureStorage REST API, PowerShell, Python and other interfaces along with integrations with products such as VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and [...]

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Simple Snapshot & Retention Management with PowerShell

@8arkz -- June 20/17 -- This was the start of all things Windows PowerShell at Pure Storage. Pretty cool to look back at some posts and see how it all got [...]

Windows PowerShell + Purity CLI = Invoke-PureVolSnap

@8arkz -- June 20/17 -- PowerShell Toolkit 0.1 implementing FlashRecover Snapshots for SQL Server. I’ve been focusing on some automation scripts over the last week and [...]

Building the 1st Gen PureTEC and Solutions Engineering Lab

I had the best Christmas at home and at Pure. The week before Christmas I spent time racking the gear and getting everything squared away so I could start building out the [...]

Getting SQL Server 2012 BPA working on Windows Server 2012 R2

I’ve been building out some new servers with Windows Server 2012 R2 to start working on a new Microsoft SQL Server Reference Architecture on Pure Storage and after [...]

Get HBA information using Windows PowerShell

I was setting up a new Pure Storage FA-420 array this past week and needed the Host Bus Adapter (HBA) information, specifically the WWNodeName and WWPortName for the QLogic [...]