Month: January 2014

Attach/Detach SQL Server Databases with PowerShell

While working on the early testing for the SQL Server 2012 Reference Architecture I had to create some scripts to automate the attaching and detaching of SQL [...]

Simple Snapshot & Retention Management with PowerShell

In my last post I discussed how take snapshots, connect hosts and then work with the connected Windows hosts to bring disks online. In this post I show how to [...]

Windows PowerShell + Purity CLI = Invoke-PureVolSnap

I’ve been focusing on some automation scripts over the last week and have come up with a first generation (v0.1) script that shows yes Windows PowerShell and [...]

Enable GodMode in Windows 8.1

I stumbled upon an interesting “GodMode” you can enable in Windows 8.1; I don’t have Windows 8.0 but assume it will work just the same. It creates a new [...]