Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit

For those users of the PowerShell Toolkit this release has two significant changes:

  • Support for PSCredential
  • FlashArray parameter is now Optional

These two updates were a result of issues on GitHub  (Issue #7 and Issue #9). We appreciate the feedback and use of the toolkit to help deliver features that are useful. Additionally, I centralized error handling between Generic PowerShell errors and specific Pure Storage REST API errors.

PSCredential Support

$Creds = Get-Credential
$PSToken = Get-PfaApiToken -FlashArray MY-ARRAY -Credential $Creds
$PSSession = Connect-PfaController -API_Token $PSToken.api_token

FlashArray Parameter (Optional)

Get-PfaVolumes -Session $PSSession

New update can be downloaded from GitHub @ https://github.com/barkz/PureStoragePowerShellToolkit